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Kel Jeffrey - 'The Jeffrey Way'
The Complete John Pinnell Set - Dvds and Book
Jim Wilton - 'The Horse and His Education'.
Breaking To Saddle And Harness DVD - by John Pinnell
Jesse Beery's Famous Mail Order Training Course
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Welcome To The H10 Website
Training DVDs, Training Books & CDs for Horse Lovers
We Specialise In Horse Training Products on CD and DVD
Our horse training product range

You love your horses... you'll want the best for them. We specialise in training and coaching from Australian master horsemen. So many have come and gone, with no records left, but we've managed to save some! So, if you've some horse problems, we can help you! NEW Jim Wilton dvd - very limited copies.....

Summer is here in the Southern Hemisphere - Happy New Year!
Latest newsletter posted Jan 18th...a good read!

We've added to our range of John Pinnell DVDs too with a compilation package of his 3 dvd programmes NOW AVAILABLE AT A GREAT DISCOUNT AND PLUS his training book . Great Value and all in a super presentation pack!!. In addition, we've another NEW DVD from Vanessa Bee,a wild horse trainer from the UK. This new DVD shows how Vanessa uses the Kel Jeffrey training methods on wild Dartmoor ponies. It's really worth a look!

Des Kirk's original DVD showing him teaching the Jeffrey method is HERE NOW .Des Kirk was a disciple of the Kel Jeffrey horse training method - probably the gentlest way of all. Kel's ORIGINAL film is on dvd here for you too!! We also have a range of CDs that we'll add to in the future.

At the top of the page are links to all the pages with free content and other interesting things. We've just had a very successful horse pics competition and we've posted all the entries as a photo gallery - Your Boys & Girls. We've also got lots of free guides and information on the What's New page and we add to that regularly......see our latest free articles. We are resurrecting the H10 Newsletter this year...it IS updated weekly and here's the page

HERE NOW - A new dvd from Germany's Tatjana Frith, senior trainer at the Baroque Horse Centre in Heimsheim, Germany shows us just how to use the double lunge and the long reins step by step.

WE NOW HAVE A VERY LIMITED supply of dvds of Jim Wilton's 'The Horse And His Education'. We purchased a few copies some years ago and, frankly, they've got lost. Jim Wilton was arguably Australia's finest horseman but not much of a business man. However, this dvd, made when Jim was near the end of his life, contains commentary and flashbacks to his wonderful and some would say unsurpassed horse training expertise. These dvds are not well presented but the content is excellent...they are not copied by us, they are purchased copies from some years ago that have been lost in the 'vaults'.

We also link with sites you might be interested in.

We've now got an arrangement with Andy Curry of The Superstars Of Horse Training. They have up to date horse training programmes, dvds, videos and weekly programmes. To share this expertise and find out more just click Here It's certainly worth a good look.

Our new site is easy to get around. On the left we've put our shop where you can browse and order in complete security with the latest in web site encryption for Training, Dvds and Books. We've made it easy for you to buy with either Paypal (you can use your credit card securely with Paypal and you DON'T need a Paypal account), Cheque, Money Order or Bank Deposit (In Aus only) or you can even pay in another currency if you prefer and all in complete security! BUT we know that in Australia there are lots of people who don't like and don't trust 'paying on line'. Well that's fine with us...you can go ahead and order what you want, choose how you want to pay and the site will send your order to us by email and we'll reply with all the necessary details to make that part of it perfectly safe for you. What's more, there's FREE POSTAGE TO AUSTRALIAN ADDRESSES!!!
If you already have an account then just log in. If not then create a FREE account for yourself - just click on the green "login" logo at the top right of the page and register a few simple details (By the way, your details are NEVER revealed to anyone else). You only have to do that once and you can start to choose Training, Dvds and Books immediately.



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